Recap: Japan Day 1

It seems surreal to be in Japan right now. I’ve always dreamed about coming here as a kid. In my life, I’ve consumed so much Japanese culture from fashion, food, cartoons, skating, surfing, to cars, that it actually doesn’t feel all that foreign to me. Weird huh? Not really. Or maybe I’m still in shock because I’ve […]

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Recap: Last Game of the Season

On April 4th, I decided to take my DSLR to work. It was the last season game for the NBA D-League team, Westchester Knicks. So technically this means I just finished my first season of being a camera man for a professional sports team! Fuck yeah! D-League still counts bitches. Working under the basket for the WC-Knicks […]

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Tasty Feature: Angie Leah

Angie Leah shot by Tiffanie Lee In the early stages of my career, Tiffanie Lee helped me out a lot. She did everything from make-up, styling, assisting, and even 2nd camera work. After about two years of working together, I left San Jose to challenge myself in New York. Since I moved to the east […]

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Mother Africa

  This work was inspired by my personal perception and understanding of the beauty of black women, the sound of music and the season of Fall. Through creating this I feel the oneness that exists between nature and the soul. My belief is that we only need to look hard enough to reach the inevitable […]

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