Tasty Feature: Angie Leah

Angie Leah shot by Tiffanie Lee In the early stages of my career, Tiffanie Lee helped me out a lot. She did everything from make-up, styling, assisting, and even 2nd camera work. After about two years of working together, I left San Jose to challenge myself in New York. Since I moved to the east […]

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Mother Africa

  This work was inspired by my personal perception and understanding of the beauty of black women, the sound of music and the season of Fall. Through creating this I feel the oneness that exists between nature and the soul. My belief is that we only need to look hard enough to reach the inevitable […]

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How Do You Connect?

  “CONNECTIONS ARE ONE THING, BUT BEING ABLE TO BUILD ORGANIC, NATURAL RELATIONSHIPS THAT AREN’T FORCED, THAT’S WHERE REAL COLLABORATIONS COME FROM.” -ANITA HERRERA Connections. What comes to mind when you hear that? Connecting to things and people is an innate ability that is embedded in our our day to day culture, and that manifests […]

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Book Review: Rich Dad Poor Dad

I’m not going to lie, this book kind of scared the shit out of me about the future of my wealth. Since I’ve read this book I’ve actually consulted with 4 accountants , read another book about investments & stocks, and have talked to a CEO of a financial planning social media startup that targets young […]

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LDMazing Series Pt. 5

Food. Lots of food. On this day Lisa and I filled our bellies in the Lower East Side. Spot #1, the best Cuban food ever, you’ll never want another grilled corn from anywhere else, dankest in the ranks, hands down is Cafe Habana. On the corner of Prince St. and Elizabeth St. in SoHo. If […]

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