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DJ Snake and Tanner Caldwell @Pacha

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I try to have my camera with me on random walks. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the past weeks.

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Test shoot w/ Emily

A couple days ago I ran into Emily. I think she’s the first person I met here in NY that was from California too. That was almost two years ago. We had a small chat about our busy lives and afterwards decided to try out my new 5D miii on a test shoot. Here’s a few of my favorites…

031214_emily_testshoot2 031214_emily_testshoot11 031214_emily_testshoot1 031214_emily_testshoot6 031214_emily_testshoot9 031214_emily_testshoot5

Recent work from Henley

Here are a few things that I’ve been working on for Henley:

012914_francescav_webview 012914_nbb_smokedcustard_webview 020714_rudymannarino 012914_rl_secondset_webview 020714_amandakocis



Select film shots

These are a few of my favorite photos that I took in my last two rolls of film during my trip for the holidays in CA.
I’ve been learning slowly how to use an actual slr.
It’s been fun.
 98050005 98060006 98050017 98060033 98050010



Rhea C.

Erykah J.

Eliza T.

MUA/Stylist: Audrey L.

Catching up

Here are a couple shoots that I’ve done within the last couple months of  2013. I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had time to update my site.

Here are images for the Henley Vaporium website and instagram:

Nov11 Edit, 2 models no beanie tag copy



Here are some images for Armed Paintball:

010913_Sampler 010913_maskandgun2 010913_camohandgun2 010913_ak



Models: Elan, Jordan, and Konstantina

MUA: Audrey Lee

Select Film Shots

Thanks to my friend Devin, I used a film camera for the first time. Took me about 2 months to finish up one whole roll because I was so selective about the moments I captured. I cut it down to the shot I really really liked. Let me know what you think.

32620022 32620031 32620015 32620006 32620005 32620003 32620004 32620036 32620010

Vape Infinity Lookbook

I got to travel up and down California to shoot this whole summer lookbook. Here’s what we came up with doing shoots the whole summer from San Francisco, Berkley, San Jose, and Los Angeles.








You can see the rest of the look book at http://www.vapeinfinity.com

Gerra in DT Vegas

So the last time I was in Vegas, Gerra and I met up to shoot. She took me to this dope alcohol milk shake place before we were going to shoot. I asked her to take us to the Vegas that most people haven’t seen before for the location of our shoot. We went to downtown Vegas, outside of the strip. This is the shots we came up with:

IMG_1020 IMG_1041 IMG_1056 IMG_1079


Model: Gerra Bella

Location: Las Vegas

Cool Clouds

long island city


I shot this in Long Island City somewhere as the sun was rising. It’s right across the river from Manhattan. The clouds looked really cool.


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