Recap: Wekfest LA 2015

In 2011, I travelled down from San Jose to participate at my first WFLA held at Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. Then I moved to New York in 2012 and I haven’t experienced Wekfest LA till just recently. I think it’s amazing to see what the Wekfest culture has grown into over time. Half a […]

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Getaway: Surprise Spring Day

Circa sometime around March of this year. A beautiful spring day appeared one Saturday in NYC so Christina [my roommate] and I decided to get active with nature. I used for the first time to rent a car then we drove to the tip of NY/NJ border to hike a trail called ‘Surprise Lake’ I’ve got […]

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Recap: Wekfest Japan 2015

Last month I had the opportunity to work in Japan. Personally and professionally, I had a crazy yet incredible experience. No, I did not just go there to try out all the curry and ramen although I can’t deny a lot of my time was spent chowing down on some curry. During the trip, I covered Wekfest Japan 2015 […]

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Recap: Japan Day 1

It seems surreal to be in Japan right now. I’ve always dreamed about coming here as a kid. In my life, I’ve consumed so much Japanese culture from fashion, food, cartoons, skating, surfing, to cars, that it actually doesn’t feel all that foreign to me. Weird huh? Not really. Or maybe I’m still in shock because I’ve […]

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