Girl from the Lake


This design was a combination of different things that I love to do such as music, spring/fall, beauty/chaos all wrapped in one. It’s a way of expressing life without using words. Words are a form communication and so it connects our minds as well.


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Perspective Through the Lens

“Don’t spend too much time staring at the screen.” That’s something that I (at least try to) remind myself of as much as I can. Stress loves when you allow it to take advantage of your life, and although we do not purposely sign ourselves up for the stress that trickles into our day to […]

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Tyler – A Class Act

Every day our newspapers and news shows are drenched with tragic and horrible events that sometimes seriously make you question the world we live in. Here is a story that will hopefully restore some of that faith in humanity for you. Two years ago I arrived in London by myself to begin a six month […]

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LDMazing Series Pt.3

Brooklyn meets Lisa. For this part, I took Lisa to see some of the dope art work in Dumbo. We had a bit of fun taking photos and doing those jumping ones. Pretty tiring after awhile and I wasn’t even the one jumping. After walking around and experiencing Brooklyn from Marcy to East Williamsburg, we […]

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Die Empty.

Dreamer, Teacher, Activist & Humanitarian. Martin Luther King, Jr. hasn’t shied away from his capacity to be a force of change. Although surely an early death, he died empty pouring out his life’s greatest work: the advancement of the Civil Rights.  By challenging the system through nonviolent civil disobedience, King inspired others to set themselves free […]

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